Benefits of a Genuine Ford ESP

The number one benefit of a Genuine Ford ESP is that your vehicle and your budget are protected from unexpected and expensive repairs.
Ford Motor Company wants you to be completely satisfied with your vehicle ownership experience. That's where Ford ESP comes in to help protect the investment you made when you purchased your vehicle. A Ford ESP is something you should consider if:
  • You plan to own your vehicle beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period
  • You want the "Peace of Mind" of lasting protection
  • You want your scheduled maintenance services prepaid

A Ford ESP gives you the assurance that your vehicle will have the protection it needs. If you need a repair, you'll have the convenience of taking your vehicle to any Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealership in the United States or Canada for service. You'll also have the confidence that your repair is being performed by factory-trained and certified technicians using Genuine Ford parts.

Other benefits of Ford ESP include:

  • It is the only Extended Service Plan backed by Ford Motor Company
  • Combined with the manufacturer's warranty, it provides continuous, uninterrupted coverage
  • Provides clear and comprehensive coverage options in multiple time and mileage combinations, allowing you to tailor a plan to meet your needs
  • Limits the cost of covered repairs to the applicable deductible
  • Is transferable and can help increase the resale value of your vehicle
  • Provides toll-free hotline for roadside assistance 24 hours a day
  • One Ford ESP-covered repair could end up offsetting the initial plan price, making it a smart investment


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