Auto Theft Can Cost You !

  • Replacing your exact vehicle is virtually impossible

  • It is time consuming to locate a replacement vehicle.

  • Most insurance settlements are less.

  • than the amount owed on the vehicle !

  • You may have to pay additional cash to your lender
    to settle your debt (upside/down).
  • Most new purchases will require a new down payment.

  • Most insurance policies have out-of·pocket deductibles.

New or Used - You can Have up to $2500 CASH-Guaranteed Protection!

Theft Protection Program

Ask us how to Protect your vehicle today!

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) endorses this product, which employs a patented technology.provides acid etch protection that uses your vehicles
 VIN number to catalog your vehicle's glass and protect against theft from both the Professional and Amateur Thieves.

You are issued a 5 Year Guarantee, that if Your Vehicle is stolen;
And Not Recovered this plan pays you $2500 !
if your vehicle is recovered, you are reimbursed for your primary insurance deductable up to $500 !

This Vehicle Anit-Theft System may qualify your vehicle for a
Comprehensive Insurance Discount.

With today's criminals becoming more elusive and knowledgeable, the best protection is permanent protection.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) announced a program registering marked vehicle parts to easily identify suspected stolen vehicles.
Our permanent vehicle marking system is registered and traceable through NICB for the life of the vehicle!

Call Mark Wood today 1-888-509-1616 !


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