If you're an inexperienced car buyer or have not bought a car in a few years, deciding where to buy your new car is a big decision. Do you homework before you buy. Know your car dealership! Here are some tips:

1--Begin visiting your local dealerships as far in advance as 6 months before you plan to buy. Walk around the lots, meet different sales people, and tell them you are just planning for your dream car and do not plan to buy for 6 months or so. Also, find out which dealers have sales reps that listen,rather than talk at you.

2--Put your ear to the ground--what do your friends and neighbors say about dealerships where they have shopped or purchased cars? Gather information from people you know and
trust. Ask co-workers, neighbors, or any people you know about their car-buying experience.

3--Educate yourself about the types of vehicles you are considering before you go to the dealerships. Use reputable websites to get clear ideas about pricing and options. Knowledge is definitely power in this case.* Do your research online of local dealers, send an email requesting information, pricing and let them know you do not plan to buy for 6 months.
Ask to speak to the Internet Manager, they usually are more informed and understand the buying cycle. More importantly, they understand you may not be ready to 'buy right now'.

4--Talk to your lending institution. Many banks and credit unions have recommendations for dealer personnel or specific dealerships.

5--When you visit dealerships, notice if the sales people are using high-pressure tactics. Do they let you wander and look at all the cars? Do they keep talking while you are browsing the
lot? Do they allow you to look at the vehicles you want to look at, or do they steer you toward particular vehicles? If you do not feel comfortable, do not consider buying a car there, no
matter how much you might want it. Never give in to high-pressure tactics. Your online research will combat this and arm you with information.

6--Before you make the final decision to buy a vehicle, give your area Better Business Bureau a ring. In just a few minutes' time, staff there can share any information they have about complaints or concerns they have received about the dealership in question.

Finding a reputable car dealership is not easy. But with just these 6 tips, you can arm yourself with information to help determine which local dealerships are the most reputable.

Or contact me, even if you do not buy from me, I most certainly will give you good advice.
Thank you,
Thomas Ieracitano
Sales Manager

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